Lilly Looking Through

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An interactive cartoon adventure


  • Amazing visuals
  • Great gameplay


  • Only a demo

Very good

Lilly Looking Through is a point-and-click adventure game requiring you to solve puzzles as you traverse through the world the game takes place in.

Visually, Lilly Looking Through is beautiful. The backgrounds are static images that are painted and full of detail. Lilly’s character model does stick out from the environments, but that keeps her in the foreground of all the action. Playing Lilly Looking Through is like watching an animated film.

It is strange that Lilly Looking Through has so much immersion for a game that features little voice acting and presents the majority of the emotion through the music. The overall presentation of Lilly Looking Through is a perfect combination of art and music.

Lilly Looking Through’s gameplay is point-and-click. You interact with the environment by directing Lilly and solving puzzles. At the start, it is a little difficult to see what parts of the environment are interactive because everything is blended together. Lilly Looking Through offers a hint button to help solve puzzles, though it does not give the exact answer.

Some puzzles can take a little more problem solving, but the game does not present puzzles that are overly complicated. Playing Lilly Looking Through is an impressive gameplay experience because it never gets boring.

Lilly Looking Through is a great point-and-click adventure perfectly presented as an interactive animated movie.

Lilly Looking Through


Lilly Looking Through Demo

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